2PM Hates You Again and Again!!

As reported earlier, 2PM finally started promotion on I Hate You on MNET M! Countdown tonight. 2PM started the show with Again & Again, without the dance choreography, and quickly transitioned into I Hate You complete with new outfits, dance choreography and hair styles.

It's nice to see 2PM performing in clothes that were somewhat normal, considering their last two sets of outfits. Taking a page straight out of Gangsta T.O.P's book, a few members even donned similar face masks chin masks. Though it's rather unfortunate that Junsu went back to his bowl cut days. Maybe it's not that bad. Maybe it's just me remembering those dreadful days when my mom would just take a dirty bowl straight out of the sink, plopped it on my head and started snipping off my self esteem. That was yesterday. And of course, the always considerate Jaebeom never forgets to show off his guns for the screaming fan girls. Check out the performance below.

The performance was great. My favorite part in this song was Taecyeon's rap, and he did not disappoint like always. There's something about his rough, untamed "do-you-from-behind" manly voice that just makes me feel a little feminine inside. Now all that is left is the release of a music video for this song.

credit: allkpop

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