2PM Jaebeom’s Interview with Lady Gaga

As we reported before, Jaebeom of 2PM interviewed Lady Gaga on Mnet Wide News and the video is out.

To my disappointment, the interview wasn't really interesting - it was too short, there were no follow-up questions, and the atmosphere was just way too awkward.. Jaebeom, who is usually charismatic, looked a bit stiff and nervous around her, but I don't blame him, as Lady Gaga isn't someone I'd feel very comfortable next to either. Okay, and what the hell was 3:54-4:05 all about? Lady Gaga just started boom chi-ching out of no where, to which Jaebeom had no response but "Ohh."

Check it out below (the interview starts around 2:50).

credit: allkpop

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