2PM Junho’s Fanboy has a Heart Attack..

..Well not quite, but close enough.

While this isn't exactly a news post, thought we'd just share some of the laughs with you guys. During one of 2PM's performance of their hit song "Again & Again," one of their more dedicated fanboys got a little too excited. Watch this crazy dude as he passionately cries out "Lee Junho!" at 0:05 and then tells him to "Turn around, I'm over here!" at 0:08. Also at 0:20, I don't know if was because Jaebeom seemed to direct his hand towards the guy or if it was because Junho's part was next, but either way, he flips a mother and loses control of the camera. And I'm sure I heard him curse somewhere in the clip too, probably due to distress that Junho just wasn't cooperating with him. Good shit.. Oh how I wish we got to catch a glimpse of the fanboy himself..

And be sure not to miss the best part at the 0:39 mark when he starts singing, or rather, screaming along to the chorus.. and you thought fan girls were crazy!

credit: allkpop

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