2PM’s Jaebeom meets Lady Gaga

World Pop Star Lady Gaga was interviewed by 2PM's Jaebeom (Jay) for Mnet's Wide Celebrity News airing on the 19th. The interview was conducted in English by 2PM's leader and gave Lady Gaga a chance to explain her feelings about her visit to Korea.

She said, "It was fantastic. I saw many Korean artists and received good impressions and ended up with many CDs. I will listen to them when I return and learn about Korean pop music." When she received a t-shirt from Jaebeom with Korean characters on it, she exclaimed, "It's cool!"

She also commented on her M! Countdown performance saying, "I wanted to perform more because it was on a cable channel. The audience is young and because the atmosphere was dynamic, it suited me more and was exciting. Thank you for letting me perform."

Jaebeom and Lady Gaga

When asked if she wants to return to Korea in the future, she replied, "Of course. I plan to come back to Korea." and ended her appearance in Korean with the words "Sarang Hae Yo" (I Love You).

Jaebeom and Lady Gaga

At one point in the interview, Jaebeom asked if Lady Gaga liked any Korean artist, to which she replied "You!". Jaebeom was a little surprised but couldn't hide his joy as he smiled.

The interview is supposed to air tomorrow on the 19th so until then, here's a clip of 2PM's Asian american boys, Jaebeom (who actually mentions the interview), Nichkhun, and Taecyeon, introducing Lady Gaga for her M! Countdown performance. So cute~ I love when they speak English.

credit: allkpop

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