4 Minute to Unveil

Ex - Wonder Girl Hyun Ah's's group 4 minute is set to unveil on the 15th! Cube Entertainment announced "The title song 'Hot Issue' has a trendy rhythm and a powerful beat that will allow 4 minute to show off their real colors". Until now, the unveiling of member Nam Ji Hyun and the fact that Hyun Ah was part of the group had caused a lot of interest in the group. The other members will finally see the light of day this week. Before the 15th, the music video teaser and their song will appear on online, but the actual album won't drop until the end of June.

It seems like Cube Entertainment is stealing ideas from YG because 4 minute will also release photos of the members one by one. The title song of 'Hot Issue' seemed pretty familiar to me too, but of course Korean netizens are deeming the ideas unique and are creating a lot of buzz about the new group. Sigh, I'm sick of all the new girl groups. They will never be unique. Ever.

credit: allkpop

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