4Minute Teases Us

After months and months of waiting, Cube Entertainment has finally unveiled 4Minute to the public with a teaser and just a little taste of their song and choreography below.

Check it out below.

"Hot Issue"? Isn't that a Big Bang album? Anyway, from what I can see, their concept is going to be that of a slightly more feminine 2NE1. Members Hyunah and Ji Hyun are definitely lookers but still no sign of what the other 3 members will look like. The choreography looks a lot like Son Dambi's style. The song is actually pretty catchy and it sounds like a Brave Brother's song because some elements of Son Dam Bi's Crazy are in it but don't quote me on that. The full song will be out on 15th June.

I'm actually pretty excited for this group to debut because I want to see a battle with 2NE1. 2NE1 had a lot of hype before it's debut but 4Minute also has hype because it's being led by the ex-Wonder Girl Hyunah. Will Hyunah come back with a Fire big enough to match up to 2NE1? Let the battle begin and stay tuned to AKP.

credit: allkpop

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