4minute’s First Minutes on Music Core

Cube Entertainment's girl group, 4minute entered MBC's Music Core stage, descending from a flight of stairs, as they made their debut on the program with their first single Hot Issue off their first digital single album.

Check out their 3rd Hot Issue performance.

Kudos to CodeMonmonSeason2 for the upload

4minute Music Core Debut

Spelling minute, counting to four, and talking about their hot issues as usual, the group showed that the better sound system on Music Bank and Music Core allows them to put on a much improved show for their fans compared to their M! Countdown debut stage. 4minute also looks more synced now; in past performances Jeon Ji Yoon's powerful vocals and fierce moves (but will we ever see her eyes?) stuck out a bit from the rest of the group. Perhaps the all-1990s quintet will be able to extend their four minutes of fame and ignite the seemingly inevitable rivalry with fellow rookies 2NE1 (here's where you insert a pun involving "Fire" and "Hot Issue").

credit: allkpop

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