4Minute’s Ga Yoon Has a Broken Heart

A video of Heo Ga Yoon, one of the vocalists in upcoming girl group 4Minute, singing R&B artist Navi's "I Have a Broken Heart / Heart Damage" was recently uploaded online. Her performance was mediocre, as her voice wasn't exactly pleasant to the ear. I'm no expert, but seeing that she was already out of breath after not even singing a minute of the song, you can tell that she would never be able to last throughout the whole song. But I give her props for trying, although 2AM, hands and feet down, covered it best.

You can catch a glimpse of Ga Yoon's pretty face as well as 2AM's Seulong in Mario's MV for his song from 2008, "I'm Yours."

credit: allkpop

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