4minute’s Hot Issue on Music Bank

4Minute performed their single Hot Issue on KBS2TV Music Bank and, in my opinion, it was light years better than their Mnet M! Countdown performance yesterday.

Check them out.

4Minute's Hot Issue Stage

Right out of the gate my favorite 4minute ladies are Hyun Ah and Ji Hyun, the jury is still out for the rest of the girls. Hyun Ah and Ji Hyun definitely leave me with a “hot issue” in my pants. I think all the 4minute girls are fairly talented and, so far, they do seem to have some staying power. However, it’s still very early so I’m just going to sit back, handle my personal “hot issue” with a tissue, and enjoy what 4minute has to offer without trying to compare them to this group or that group. I suggest all you fine AKP readers do the same. I know you won’t though, so bash 4minute or love them as much as you desire. Ready…set…go!

credit: allkpop

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