4Minute’s “Hot Issue” Song and MV Teaser Released!

After much anticipation, 4Minute's full song as well as the music video teaser for "Hot Issue" is out, and it's up on, where else? Allkpop first! The MV is expected to be out soon, so make sure to check back for updates!

Check out the full song.

Surprisingly, I'm pleasantly satisfied with the song. Maybe it's because I didn't expect much, but with this song, these girls might be on their way to stardom. But hopefully for the peeps who had real high expectations aren't disappointed with the outcome. All this hype really reminds me of the craze session when 2NE1 released "Fire".

MV teaser.

Just from the teaser alone, I can tell that there will be an outburst of criticism from 2NE1 fans. Even I would be lying if I said that the teaser didn't remind me of 2NE1's space version of their "Fire" MV. I swear I thought I saw Park Bom and CL somewhere in the video! But let's not be so quick to judge and wait like the patient netizens we are not for the full version, which will be released pretty soon.

4minute Hot Issue


The 4minute girls will make their debut on 18th June on MNET M! Countdown.

credit: allkpop

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