8eight releases original Goodbye My Love

Group 8eight's song Goodbye My Love has been said to have been made 2 years ago; however, it has been recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered multiple times to be upgraded to be the song that has been released.

The song's composer Bang Shi Hyuk released the original version on his Cyworld and explained the differences in the 2 versions, "2 years ago, it seemed too experimental and we couldn't release it and waited for the right time. Goodbye My Love is getting a lot of love so I'm happy. Due to numerous requests, I have decided to released the original. Finding the differences between the two songs should be fun."

Goodbye My Love starts with Lee Hyun and Joo Hee's vocals while in the original it starts with Lee Hyun's narration. I can't really tell the difference but I have sucky speakers and no patience but maybe you guys can figure out more.

Here's the version they're promoting.

and the original

credit: allkpop

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