8Eight’s Third Teaser for “Goodbye My Love”

The third teaser for 8Eight's "Goodbye My Love" is out and the female star is NOT Sohee, but rather "Boys Over Flower" star Kim So Eun. After the end of BOF, she has received numerous offers with movies, dramas, CFS, etc, but this is the first music video that she is featured in.

Along with Kim So Eun and 2AM's Jung Jin Woon, the 3rd leg to this love triangle has been revealed to be actor Jung Gyeo Woon. Although she is a couple with Jung Gyeo Woon, she receives a one sided love from Jin Woon. In the music video, she is expected to show a variety of emotions from being lively and animated to being filled with sadness.

8Eight's representative stated, "The last song, "Without a Heart," received a lot of attention with Sohee's presence in the teaser, we expect that Kim So Eun's teaser will also bring a lot of attention." 8Eight's digital single "Goodbye My Love" is to be released on the 11th.

Gahh, This MV seems to have a similar to "Without a Heart," which means it looks super sad. But now I have to watch it because of Kim So Eun! And for those of you who don't know who Jung Gyeo Woon is, here's a pic:

8Eight's Third Teaser

Third teaser:


credit: allkpop

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