Big Bang’s Taeyang.. a Gynophobic?

Gynophobic? Big Bang's Taeyang explains what it is and I quote, "It means a fear of women." A little exaggerating, I'd say.

As Taeyang speaks for himself on UFO, he defends that he does get timid and taken aback when approached by women. There's those who crave the attention, and then there's Taeyang who's humble and more to himself. I mean, if all these fangirls were riding all up on me, I'd start to get a little afraid of women as well. Sometimes these fangirls are just way too much, so I personally think it's perfectly normal and fine for him to feel such a way. If anything, fans should be happy that he's putting career as top priority right now, as it's confirmed that he's single and not looking. smile

credit: allkpop

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