Brown Eyed Girls Coming Back in July

If you thought that you will only be seeing 2NE1, 4minute, Girls' Generation, Kara, Jewelry, etc in the next couple of weeks, think again. Brown Eyed Girls will also be joining the girl groups battle with their new album this July.

Brown Eyed Girls comprising of members like Jea (leader), Ga-in, Narcia and Miryo have been enjoying some degree of popularity with songs like Hold the Line, L.O.V.E, What to Do since debuting in 2006.

A Nega Network representative expressed, "Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing their new album in mid-July while their title song will be revealed in early July. Their new song will be of the retro concept, with a mix of heavy rythmn and punk style." In addition, the girls will be going through a radical 180° image transformation, make them to be more outgoing girls. The representative added, "Brown Eyed Girls will be transforming themselves with a city girls concept in mind, and will be placing a heavier focus on their feminine side. We hope that everyone can anticipate their new music and image."

Brown Eyed Girls Coming Back in July

With so much girl groups, old and new, around this time unlike last year where there were only the Wonder Girls, the Brown Eyed Girls could find themselves lost in the mix. The market is simply too small and saturated to handle so many girl groups in a month. Jewelry themselves will be returning in early August to add to the madness.

credit: allkpop

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