Chung Lim Abandons Friend For a Girl!

Chung Lim, a candidate for allkpop's Top 10 Hottest Male Star Under 25, is keeping busy with preparations for his next single. Just in case you didn't know, his last single was "Step", a dance number with an excellent dance break that often changed during live performances.

Chung Lim was recently caught filming the music video for his second single "씹다버린 껌" or "Chewed Gum", a mid-tempo R&B style song. It looks like Chung Lim is out to fix the mistakes on his last music video which were not showing enough skin, and including a guy with a mustache that made it seem like he could speak Spanish.

Case in point.

This time around he made sure to wear nothing but a tank top, and even ditched his mustache wielding friend for the beautiful Yoo In Young.
Yoo In Young

Not letting this rare opportunity go to waste, Chung Lim managed to squeeze in a romantic kissing scene with actress Yoo In Young toward the end. Sneaky sonnamabeech.

Here's Chung Lim shooting his new music video.

The second single with translations. Make sure CC is on.

And for those that still don't know who Chung Lim is:

credit: allkpop

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