DBSK, Super Junior and Girls Generation Join Forces!!

South Korea's Seoul Dream Series has recently launched a series of CF advertising tourism in Seoul, and so far, you don't care. However, let me just start spitting out some letters that you might care more about: TVXQ, SNSD and SUJU. That's right all three groups in one commercial. Are your panties wet yet? No? Well what if I told you that they were all half naked in the CF?! Well, then I would be a lying sack of shitake because they're not.

There are four versions of the CF, a Shanghai version with Super Junior and Victoria Song, a second Shanghai version with TVXQ, a Japanese version with TVXQ and an English version with TVXQ, SNSD and SUJU.

The Shanghai version with Super Junior featuring the cutest noona of them all.

The second Shanghai version with TVXQ

The Japanese version with TVXQ

And finally the English version with all three groups:

It seems that Father SM is dominating Seoul because all the artists featured in the commercials, including Victoria Song, are from SM Entertainment. So the next time someone asks you what "S.M." stands for, just tell them it's "Seoul Motherf*cka!!"

credit: allkpop

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