Epik High still in the lab with maphacks

After Epik High's concerts in Japan and journey across America via Map The Soul Tour, one would expect them to take a break. Not the case for these guys as they're still in the lab working on a brand new album.

On a recent blog entry entitled "Back in the Lab," Tablo states that Epik High is currently working on a new album and that it should be done sometime in August or September. Which is pretty awesome, because Epik High makes great music, but that's not it...

Tablo also wrote on this blog entry entitled "Remixing the Human Soul" that they're releasing a remix album. To quote Tablo directly:

"It was a project we started for fun… a remix album of Epik High’s hit songs. Yeah, we could’ve done it ourselves, but that would be boring~ SO! We handed over a collection of our songs to the electronic band PLANET SHIVER (a yet unknown musical wondergroup!).

The result? MESMERIZING.

I always knew that Planet Shiver’s three DJs (Friz, DH Style & Philtre) were talented, but DAMN! These aren’t just remixes; they’re total recreations. It sounds like an entirely new album, filled with brand new songs. I can’t believe our songs can sound like this! I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!

Originally, this album was intended to be a digital-only release. But I’m lovin’ it so much, we’ve decided to go with a full release~

It’ll be out soon!
Check back at mapthesoul.com!"

This is pretty exciting news, I can't wait for both of these albums. In the mean time you can listen to Map The Soul Worldwide / English version featuring MYK and Kero One:

credit: allkpop

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