G-Dragon helped style 2NE1, No wonder they look like that.

In a recent interview, 2NE1 revealed their plans for the future, how they feel about their sunbae's Big Bang and why they have such a ridiculous interesting sense of style!

Even though lots of other girl groups tend to change up concepts and styles with each album, 2ne1 plans to stay true to one genre, claiming that they "will always be hip-hop" and "neutral"... whatever 'neutral' means. "We are very easy going," they elaborated, "and we don't act cute or pretend to be either. Our mini-album will be released in June and will have cute and sexy music added in there."

While 1TYM's Teddy produced 2NE1's successful hit "Fire", G-Dragon was a strong hand in the groups fashion concepts. G-dragon even lent some of his own accessories to Dara! Damn... they could not have asked a more unqualified person for fashion advice....

And how do they feel about their sunbae's Big Bang, the group they were modeled after? "We still have a long way to go.... We never thought of ourselves as a group that will surpass Big Bang, but we want to be like them and always keep developing."

credit: allkpop

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