IU’s Third Cover, This Time, It’s Big Bang’s “Lies”

We have shown you IU's cover of SNSD's "Gee" and her radio cover of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry". Although they did not sound exactly like the original, the acoustic feel actually felt refreshing and some even thought they were better than the original. This 16 year old has some real talent because not only are her live performances almost flawless, her guitar playing (which she only began January of 2008) and interpretation of different styles of music is very impressive.

In her acoustic remix version of Big Bang's "Lies", IU says that they will be featuring a mystery female singer, and indeed, you do hear a female's voice harmonizing in the background of the chorus. Who could it be?

In case you missed any of her three covers, I shall put ALL THREE here for you to enjoy!


Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" featuring Park Sang Hyun, 2NE1's Sandara's brother!

Big Bang's "Lies" featuring Park Sang Hyun again and mystery female singer

SPECIAL: Watch IU proove her skills on Yoon Do Hyun's Loveletter on October of last year!
Officially Missing You + Like a Star

credit: allkpop

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