Kang Ji Hwan Goes Playboy Status For Esquire

I know the boys are raging with jealousy right now, right?

Actor Kang Ji Hwan from movies “A Movie Is A Movie” and “7-Level Civil Servants”, showed a new image through a magazine shoot for Esquire.

Together with 4 sexy models, Kang Ji Hwan reveals the image of a player for the July issue of men’s magazine, “Esquire”. The theme was something every man could dream of, being a millionaire player surrounded by sexy girls.

It was commented that whenever the shooting scene got awkward with the American models when Ji Hwan posed strangely, he would make the scene comfortable again by using his engrish skills and asking, “Sorry, are you OK?”

Catch player Kang Ji Hwan and the models in the August edition of “Esquire” and check out some of the photos below.



credit: allkpop

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