Kara’s Comeback Song Revealed

With the lack of testosterone on the scene, Kara wants to get in on the girl-on-girl action of '09, too! After leaving the Kpop scene in April, the ladies haven't done much to hype the public about their future comeback plans. Amongst the sea of female activity in the music scene, Kara didn't have much to brag about or speak about for that matter at the time. As we all know, SNSD is making their comeback very soon and several fanboys are ready to have their wishes granted. The Wonder Girls are proceeding with their plans in America and eventually China. And all the newbie girl groups are debuting left and right and working hard in their attempts to make names for themselves in the battle of the girl groups.

But don't count these ladies down and out for the count! On the 16th, DSP Entertainment stated, "They are currently working on their comeback album, and the making of their title song 'And It Is' is near completion." Expect the girls to make a comeback around mid-July. Why so late? Well, the company decided it would be best for the girls to have some time to themselves as they are quite confident that due to their loyal fanbase, there will be no need to worry about the girl group battle. I don't know about that. We've got quite a handful of amazing ladies flooding the scene with equally amazing songs and performances to boot. Rather than taking this in stride, the ladies should be working their butts off to ensure a successful comeback.

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