KARA’s ‘Same Heart’ MV

Girl group KARA just released the MV for their single ‘Same Heart,’ which is also the theme song for the new cell phone game I-Musician.

KARA looks so damn corny and sugary sweet in the ‘Same Heart’ MV that it makes me want to gouge out my saccharine saturated eyeballs and eat them…yum…tastes like honey. I like KARA but this MV is a little extreme. They need to cut the cutesy image down a notch. No matter how deliciously sweet something is, you can only take so much of it before it makes you feel queasy. I’ll give all you wonderful AKP readers a fair warning. Don’t watch this video more than once unless you’re willing to clean the puke off of your keyboard. If you’re a hardcore KARA fan and/or a person with an insatiable sweet-tooth, then you can safely watch the MV as many times as you desire.

credit: allkpop

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