Kim Hyun Joong is the most kissable male celebrity

Who wants to receive a kiss from SS501 Kim Hyun Joong?

Apparently lots of people. Kim Hyun Joong took the top spot as the male celebrity whom women want to be kissed by. Jewelry brand Stylus by Golden Dew in honor of 6/14's Kiss Day [Yes, there is apparently a Kiss Day*] took a survey on their homepage asking "Which male celebrity would you want to be kissed by?"

The results came out as 34% wanting to receive a kiss from Kim Hyun Joong followed by a very close 32% wanting to be kissed by Lee Min Ho. This seems to show the lingering popularity of the F4 and the BOF effect. 3rd place was Song Seung Hun with 15%, then Jo In Sung (13%) in 4th place, and 5th place by Lee Seung Gi (6%).

Kim Hyun Joong

Personally I would prefer a smacker from Lee Min Ho. I mean seriously didn't these people watch BOF? Between Yoon Ji Hoo's lame gentle kiss and Gu Jun Pyo's smexy one, which one would YOU prefer?

Kim Hyun Joong:

Lee Min Ho:

And just cuz I find this interesting, random list of Korean unofficial 14th day Holidays:
*1/14 = Diary Day, 2/14 = Valentine's Day, 3/14 = White Day, 4/14 = Black Day, 5/14 = Rose Day, 6/14 = Kiss Day,
7/14 = Silver Day, 8/14 = Green Day, 9/14 =Photo Day, 10/14 = Wine Day, 11/14 = Orange/Movie Day, 12/14 = Hug Day

credit: allkpop

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