Kim So Eun finds Yoo Jae Suk to be very handsome

Kim So Eun has expressed that Yoo Jae Suk is very much the ideal type of guy that she is looking for.

Too bad for her, he's already married.

On the 18th June episode of KBS2TV Happy Together Season 3, Ji Jin Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim So Eun and Yang Jung Ah were the invited guests on the show to promote their new drama, The Man Who Can't Marry which is showing every Monday, Tuesday on the same network.

Kim So Eun said during the show, "I have always wanted to meet Yoo Jae Suk in person. I don't really ask for a lot when it comes to looking for my other half", which left Yoo Jae Suk flustered. She added, "Yoo Jae Suk is really very handsome and is 1 of the better looking guys among my ideal type." Kim So Eun also said that she was also looking forward to seeing Lee Soo Geun in person as well. But when asked about Park Myung Soo, Kim So Eun said, "It's ok", leaving Park Myung Soo feeling embarassed.

Uhm Jung Hwa also shared the story of filming the scene where Ji Jin Hee bared his butt without using a body double. She said, "We filmed that scene 6 times and although I was looking elsewhere initially, I eventually saw his butt. I am still trying my best to forget that sight." Happy Together Season 3 achieved a rating of 16.0% for the 18th June episode, it's best-ever rating since Season 3 begun and they were easily the top rated variety show compared to rival programs on MBC and SBS in the same timeslot.

Ji Jin Hee bares his butt

I wasn't expecting much going into watching The Man Who Can't Marry initially and was watching it for Kim So Eun. But the drama has been really funny and offers a great insight on singles in their advancing years and yet to get married. Watching Ji Jin Hee eating steak like he's in paradise, blasting classical music to the max volume, his reaction to his piles were helluva funny. This picture really made me ROFL. Kim So Eun and her chihuahua with Mix-Style Star headphones to block out noise.

Kim So Eun in The Man Who Can't Marry

If you have time to spare, give The Man Who Can't Marry a try. And if you really have time to squeeze in another, try watching MBC's Triple too.

credit: allkpop

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