Kim So Eun for Singles

Kim So Eun trades her girl-next-door look in Boys Before Flowers for a new radical style where she appears with smoky eyes and punk hairstyle for the July issue of Singles.

It's good to see something different from her usual cute images. It's better to be a chameleon than a 1-trick pony.

Kim So Eun for Singles

Kim So Eun for Singles

Kim So Eun is currently on KBS2TV's The Man Who Can't Marry co-starring Ji Jin Hee and Uhm Jung Hwa which has just aired it's first 2 episodes this week. And So Eun has certainly lighted up my screen whenever she appears, as an lively girl with an outgoing personality and that's only the first episode that I have watched. Ji Jin Hee and his piles also had me ROFL. Although the ratings ain't that great considering it's going up against the mammoth Queen Seon Duk, she is certainly doing a great job of moving away from her Ga Eul role in Boys Before Flowers and reinventing herself as Yoo Jin.

Kim So Eun in The Man Who Can't Marry

credit: allkpop

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