Lee Dong Gun Being Shipped Off To the Army

Popular male actor Lee Dong Gun is leaving for the army in July to fulfill his mandatory service. He announced "I wanted to make one more drama or movie before I went to the army, but it looks likes that won't be able to happen. Now I plan on going to the army without any acting and a peaceful heart. If you are a Korean man, isn't it obvious that you must go to the army? I'm thinking about this very comfortably. Although it will probably be very hot because it is in July, everyone around me is telling me that it will be better than winter training. A lot of people are worrying because I'm entering the army at an older age, but for now I'm fine. "

Lee Dong Gun also plans on holding a fan meeting for his fans in Korea on the 18th of July to say his goodbyes before he leaves. He revealed that "Although it is sad that I will have to part with my fans for 2 years, I feel like this event will be a life changing event. Since going to the army is something that everyone must do, I'm thinking about just going quietly." Guess he didn't get that deferment he was looking for. Oh, and no worries man, I'm sure I'll be able to take care of Cha Ye Ryun while you're gone.

Lee Dong Gun

Lee Dong Gun

Lee Dong Gun

credit: allkpop

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