Lee Min Ho, Independent from Boys over Flowers?

Pretty boy Lee Min Ho finally had his leg surgery after holding back for so long. Well we can't blame him since his fame was rising so abruptly after his hit drama "Boys Over Flowers". Although he was expected to be hospitalized for about two weeks, the pretty boy recovered quickly and was released from the hospital just six days after the surgery!

He hasn't even had enough rest, and there's already talks of an upcoming fan meeting. Supposedly, this is his first independent fan meeting of Lee Min Ho ever since all the promotional events with the rest of the F4 boys. It is said to be held at the Seoul Dome Art Hall on the 21st, headlining the event as "Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert." Looks like this flower boy has blossomed and no longer needs the support of the rest of the crew to hold up the fame.

Lee Min Ho

credit: allkpop

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