Lee Seung Gi Sings Again

Singer turned actor Lee Seung Gi has released a new song for his fans after a long break from singing.

Currently filming SBS weekend drama Brilliant Legacy, Lee Seung Gi released a digital single Will You Marry Me on the 18th. His last digital single Let's Go On a Vacation was released more than a year ago in May 2008.

His management said that he managed to record this song for his fans amongst his busy filming schedule and until a full length album comes out, they would appreciate the fans' support. The song Will You Marry Me was written by Kim Do Hoon and is different from Seung Gi's usual ballads as its more of a romantic fluffy song which will hopefully be used for future proposals. Although he has released a single, it is unlikely that he will be able to perform it live due to the busy schedule of his drama and 1N2D.

Lee Seung Gi Sings Again

Lee Seung Gi Sings Again

The song itself is just ehh... I think I prefer his ballads but it would be nice to actually see him perform on stage again though. It's been so long.

credit: allkpop

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