Look like Lee Seung Gi and Get Hired

Look Like Lee Seung Gi and Get Hired

When the dermatology department and the plastic surgery department of a certain hospital asked job-seeking patients the question 'Which male celebrity do you want to look like most?', many responded by saying Lee Seung Gi.

The director of the departments explained "Some reasons why Lee Seung Gi was chosen was that he has very bright eyes, a round nose tip, lips that are neither too full or too thin, and/or he seems to be an intelligent person, but still personable."

After being cast in the drama Brilliant Inheritance, it seems he has been receiving a lot of love and his return to acting has been rather successful. It's great that he's doing well and all, but Seung Gi, when are you returning to singing? Your melodious voice is needed in this age of never-ending idol groups smile

Look Like Lee Seung Gi and Get Hired

I hope this doesn't mean that all the males are going to be churning out the perm though, it'll be more than my eyes can take. Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi are enough for me. I'd much rather look at Girls' Generation in sailor suits any day.

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