Moon Hee Jun seals his comeback with a kiss

The first single, "Toy" off of ex-H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun's mini-album, "Last Cry" has been released and it's fricking awesome... at least I think so.

The album's theme, which isn't original at all, is the concept of departure, separation and the pain you feel afterward. The title song "Toy" off the album is a rock song, which Hee Jun composed himself, along with all the other songs on the album. Actress Lee Sung Min also stars in the music video, whom Hee Jun had worked with previously. "I was a fan of H.O.T when I was a kid, and back then my favorite member was Moon Hee Jun", said Lee Sung Min, only because she's in his video, of course.

Moon Hee Junseals his comeback with a kiss

So this lovely lady had to share a kiss with Moon Hee Jun? Would it be too harsh if I said poor girl? ...Well, I said it! Anyway, the song is awesome, and if the rest of his mini-album is like this, I am definitely listening. Check out for Hee Jun's album on 19th June.

Moon Hee Junseals his comeback with a kiss

Moon Hee Junseals his comeback with a kiss

credit: allkpop

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