Photoshoot with 4minute

4minute is slowly getting more and more attention but we'll have to wait tomorrow until the full music video is released to do a full analysis. But until then, a new video was released of them at the set of the photo shoot for the promo pictures that have been released. Check it out:

Not much was said but it's a good chance to see the girls play around a little before they debut which is more than what 2NE1 gave to us before they debuted. 4Minute's song "Hot Issue" is currently the number 1 song on Cyworld's sudden growth rate chart with a surprising growth rate of 74,900% and number 6 on the regular chart.

The girls have announced their style as being candy punky which is supposed to put the words "music, fashion and performance" together... umm... whatever that means.

"1,2,3,4 4! 4minute girl" sounds like the girls are into quickies, which is absolutely fine with me because 4 minutes with Hyunah and Nam Ji Hyun would be more than enough time to put in some work. A sudden growth in my nether regions that rises faster than them on the cyworld chart. The other girls aren't as pretty but if they can dance and surprise me like 2NE1's Minzy did, they'll get to join me in my 4 minutes of heaven.

credit: allkpop

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