Rain and JYPE settle lawsuit with Click Entertainment

Rain and JYP Entertainment finally settled the lawsuit with Hawaii based promoter Click Entertainment over Rain’s canceled concert that was supposed to take place in Honolulu in June of 2007.

Rain and his former agency JYP Entertainment lost the Hawaii court case against Click Entertainment last March and were ordered by the court to pay the Hawaii promoter more than 8 million USD. Rain and JYPE then filed for an appeal but on June 10th, to avoid more court proceedings, Click Entertainment agreed to settle the case outside of court. As requested by the court, the amount of money the three parties settled on was not revealed to the public. Click Entertainment stated that due to Rain canceling his concert, their reputation was tarnished and they lost around 1.5 million USD. Because of this information, the amount of money that the Hawaii promoter settled on was most likely closer to $1.5 million and far from $8 million.

Since Rain has gotten past that legal storm in Hawaii, maybe he can now focus on more important things like figuring out how he can get in touch with Megan Fox and eventually tap her deliciously sweet booty. Hold up, stop the presses. Rain isn’t quite out of the water yet because he still has to deal with the promoters of his canceled concert in California. The upside is that Rain can kill two birds with one stone when he goes to L.A. to appear in court. He can get a hold of Megan Fox and put his magic stick to work in addition to getting his legal garbage out of the way. Clouds all across the globe are praying that Rain doesn’t hook up with Megan Fox but I’m rooting for you Rain. Don’t miss this opportunity to hit the “Optimusly Prime” piece of ass that is Megan Fox.


credit: allkpop

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