Sean Shows Off His Bod…and His Children

Who would have guessed that behind that sweet and loving demeanor was a smoking hot bod. The father of 2 (No.3 coming soon) and at age 37 (who would've known?!), Sean has a flabless body and one better than some stars half his age. He uploaded this picture in a section of his Cyworld called Body Building and shows off his rockin hard six pack that has netizens swooning over it.

Sean Shows Off His Bod

And lucky for you people who want to rock that look, he lists the 'How To' for his fans, "To shape your body and getting rid of excess fat isn't an easy thing. It's not something you can get by doing one type of exercise daily but rather rigorously stretching, doing aerobic exercise, weight training, and controlling what you eat, will make it possible to get a body without flab. I learned these things while working out with a trainer. Before, there was a time where I would just do aerobic exercises, then I would just do weight training for a while but I would never watch what I ate. I worked out hard but didn't see much of a difference. But now I know you need a balance of these things."

Jung Hye Young and Sean

His wife has really hit the jackpot. Not only does she have a sweet husband, he's a hot one as well! And of course we can't forget her ridiculously adorable children!

Sean and his adorable kids

credit: allkpop

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