SeeYa, Davichi, Ji Yeon bid good riddance to Nam Gyuri

We have all heard, read and debated alot about the acrimonious split between Nam Gyuri, SeeYa, MNET Media and Core Contents Media in April. Well, on the 11th June episode of MNET M! Countdown, it felt like MNET has not moved on with life after Nam Gyuri's departure and chose to make life even more miserable for her.

During the Countdown Heroes segment, a special performance of SeeYa's hit song, Shoes was done by Davichi, Ji Yeon (T-ara), Boram and Yeon Ji who have already been performing as a big group for the past few weeks. Before the performance, they show a video collage charting SeeYa's success and of course Gyuri was pretty prominent in them, since she was the leader and pin-up girl. It was sad to see a group labeled as the female SG Wannabe back then, become like this. The ending of the clip showed Gyuri tearing as she said her winning speech and we went into the performance proper.

Davichi and Ji Yeon started out, holed up inside a big plastic balloon and there was this special effect of Nam Gyuri images appearing in the background, like as if she was not in this world anymore. But basically, I think they were trying to say, Nam Gyuri, good riddance, there's no coming back for you! Yeon Ji and Boram came out towards the end from the left and right of the stage, and Boram looked pretty emotional as they ended with their powerful vocals. I think Nam Gyuri can pretty much forget about appearing on MNET in the near future. Nam Gyuri did not say anything about the whole thing when she appeared last week for her fan meeting, what was MNET trying to accomplish here?

credit: allkpop

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