SHINee Saves Energy Part II

Having already contributed their own take on the "Energy Song", SHINee unveiled a cute little MV on SBS Inkigayo for the generic version of the theme for the "Save Energy, Save Earth" campaign.

The filming for the MV took place soon after Onew's accident, explaining his absence from the adorableness. Luckily, maknae Taemin made up for Onew's absence in spades, being impossibly cute in his policing of his hyungs' wasteful activities with Misty-from-Pokemon-esque bonks to the head. I tried throwing a soda can to the ground in an attempt to attract Taemin, but he didn't come. Damn false advertising.


The MV also features Minho's S-line

and Jonghyun being about as manly as you can get:

The teenage quintet also performed their single "Juliette" on SBS Inkigayo, in outfits that were shockingly normal. Normal for K-Pop, anyway

credit: allkpop

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