Six-to-Five will launch a lingerie line, Rain’s thinking of you Megan Fox

In a recent interview, Rain revealed that his clothing brand Six-to-Five is going to launch a lingerie line. However, Rain didn’t specify when Six-to-Five’s lingerie line will officially be available. The subject did raise the question of when Six-to-Five will release a swimwear line. Rain replied by saying that, presently, he doesn’t have any immediate plans to introduce a Six-to-Five swimwear collection.

Rain is a part of almost every aspect of Six-to-Five from designing the clothes to personally modeling for Six-to-Five’s ads. In comparison to past Six-to-Five advertisements, fans can expect the ads for the lingerie line to be oozing sexiness (meaning it will be perfect fap material for those who aren’t old enough to buy Playboy).

When asked what his type of woman is, Rain responded by saying that he likes women that are naturally beautiful (what male doesn’t?). He went on to say that natural beauty is the most charming trait a woman can possess and, more specifically, his ideal type of woman is one who can dress very casually and still maintain a very charismatic aura.

Is Rain’s lingerie line going to include peek-a-boo panties for that magic stick easy access? Will the lovely Megan Fox be recruited by Rain himself to model Six-to-Five’s lingerie line followed by a Rainism type wild night at Rain’s home? If so then you can expect some hardcore twirling of his magic stick all up in Megan Fox's trembling body because we all know Rain is a “bad boy.” I know all you Clouds hope Rain never hooks up with Megan Fox but, with Rain launching a lingerie line, this is the perfect chance for him to give her a “love call” which could indubitably lead to a Korean boy/American girl typhoon in the bedroom. It could happen and if it does, I called it. Sorry Clouds, but reality is a “Foxy” bitch.

credit: allkpop

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