SNSD’s Homepage Hacked! Pictures of SNSD’s Baby?

As reported earlier, SNSD will be having a new show called "SNSD's Hello Baby!", and more information as well as photos have been released. The girls of SNSD will be taking care of a super cute 9 months old baby boy. They will be mothers for a day, and therefore will be doing things like feeding him, playing with him and changing his diaper. Though, I'm not sure how the baby will feel about having nine girls look at his little "baby" down there before it got a chance to develop, but then again he's Asian. So, that's probably as big as it's going to get anyways. Damn you Asian genes!

SNSD's Hello Baby!
SNSD's Hello Baby!

On a related note, another picture about SNSD's new song has been released, and this time it's rumored to be a picture of SNSD's hacked homepage. Judging from the picture, it looks like SNSD will be using the shorter version of their title "GENIE" complete with a magic lamp and silhouettes of the girls wearing their sailor outfits.

SNSD's homepage

Credits: Starnews & Cathode@Soshified

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