SNSD’s Horror Movie Factory Cancelled

There were high hopes placed by MBC initially on SNSD and their own reality show, Horror Movie Factory, with plans even for a horror movie to be released this Summer. But even with the presence of SNSD and the popularity of Gee, they could do little as MBC Sunday Sunday Night continued with its ratings slump, lagging far behind SBS Good Sunday and KBS2TV Happy Sunday line-up.

SBS Good Sunday, KBS2TV Happy Sunday, MBC Sunday Sunday Night

In fact, ratings have been that bad (less than 5% average, 3.3% recent) that MBC has decided to cancel the entire Horror Movie Factory reality series on 14th June after just 6 episodes. We thus won't be getting a horror movie starring SNSD, nor will YoonA be seen on the show now that it's been cancelled and we won't know who was the best SNSD Scream Queen either. Frankly, it wasn't just Horror Movie Factory which had been doing badly in the ratings, other shows on Sunday Sunday Night like Daemang and Quiz Prince have not been faring any better and have also been cancelled.

Horror Movie Factory and Quiz Prince gets cancelled

But fear not, for SNSD will be remaining on the books of MBC who are planning to use them for another new show which will debut on 21st June. They will be 1 of 3 shows on MBC Sunday Sunday Night which will include We Got Married Season 2 (starring Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Young Jun) and Oppa Band. It's always going to be a tall order competing with KBS2TV 1N2D and SBS Family Outing, but is the constant chopping and changing helping at all? How can one develop loyalty to a program if it gets cut after a few episodes? Horror Movie Factory's concept was not something that was particularly new and had been done before on other variety shows. But if this had been aired on cable, the program would have been deemed a success for sure.

credit: allkpop

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