SNSD’s Stunning Individual Pics

The K-Pop world is aflutter with S♥NE's stunned stutters, as SNSD have released blazing hot individual shots for their upcoming mini-album. Step aside, Sailor Moon - these sailors are ready to take over Asia. Just a heads up for couples everywhere though: these photos are known to cause both males and females to lose all interest in their loved ones. Check out the pictures below.

Leads SNSD and our hearts, Taeyeon

SNSD's Stunning Taeyeon


SNSD's Stunning Jessica

Makes our days (and nights) Sunny

SNSD's Stunning Sunny

Sexy from SoCal, Tiffany

SNSD's Stunning Tiffany

[Insert comment about her dancing prowess], Hyoyeon

SNSD's Stunning Hyoyeon

I cannot think right now.

SNSD's Stunning Yuri

Sooper fine, sooper new hair, Sooyoung

SNSD's Stunning Sooyoung

SHINee really meant "Yoona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)"

SNSD's Stunning Yoona

So young, so close to being legal (June 28th), Seohyun

SNSD's Stunning Seohyun

There. That should provide enough avatar/wallpaper fodder for a century or two. And these ladies are going to be singing "Tell Me Your Wish"... expect the Korean economy to suffer pretty soon.

credit: allkpop

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