So Hee & Sun Mi Are Too Cool for School

The young and glamorous Wonder Girl maknae members So Hee and Sun Mi have dropped out of high school to focus more on their activities here in the U.S.

During a phone interview on the 15th, a JYP Entertainment representative revealed, "So Hee and Sun Mi dropped out of school voluntarily a while back." Until now, '92ers Sun Mi and So Hee have been attending CheongDam High School and ChangMoon High School,respectively.

The representative continued, "While in Korea, even though the girls were busy, they were able to squeeze school in with the little time they had, but it is not possible to do the same in America." Additionally, "Since one or two months ago, the topic of whether Sun Mi and So Hee should drop out or not was discussed among their relatives," and that, "it would be good if fans could look at this situation on the bright side."

Sohee & Sunmi are Too Cool for School

As for the other members, Yoo Bin is already on a leave of absence from Myongji University while Sun Ye and Ye Eun who were admitted to Dongguk University and Kyunghee University in 2008, have also signed up for a leave of absence as well.

Although I think that their education is very important, I respect big man JYP and his decisions. I mean, he's the genius that got the girls to where they are now, right? And plus, this is all for you guys, so let's cheer on the Wonder Girls as they make their big debut in America in two weeks time on 27th June.

credit: Allkpop

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