Solbi and Nichkhun are BFF?

Singer Solbi has expressed her opinions and sent thankful thoughts towards 2PM’s Thai member, Nichkhun who had rooted for her for her attempt on becoming a figure skater and also revealed their sincere friendship.

On the morning of 14th June at around 2.30am, Solbi had updated the photo section on her Cyworld minihompy setting the topic, “Nichkhun & I”, and posted a photo taken together with Nichkhun with the caption, “The moment Nichkhun entered the ice rink, I was pleased to see him and was surprised too. But I was so glad to see him.”

Solbi also added to her message, “Something I realized that, whenever I see him is that, he seems to be a friend who is full of energy” and “His passion of always working hard even though he came from far away and must be lonely. How he always seems to smiles so brightly like an angel”, and revealed their friendship.

Nichkhun also appeared on the 12th June episode of MNET's Ice Princess where he presented a bicycle to Solbi as a gift, along with a cheering message.

Looks like the two of them have gotten closer through SBS Star King, where the two appear weekly. It’s nice to see our Thai prince getting friendly with this ‘Ice Princess’. Check out Nichkhun’s surprise appearance and the picture of the two together.

Solbi and Nichkhun are BFF?

credit: allkpop

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