Son Dambi Wants To Be Beyonce

Son Dambi is now out of the music scene but definitely still hanging around the industry with CF releases and soon drama appearances.

Today the MBC show "Music Vacation La La La" did a special on songs featured in musicals and movies. In honor of this, Son Dambi came on as a guest and did a performance of her OST "I Always...You" from the movie "A Families Glory".

The MC Kim Chang Won (which is my Korean name wink ) of the show asked Son Dambi who her role model is. Son Dambi replied, "I want to be just like Beyonce. Any dancer/singer watches Beyonce's performances a lot. I want to learn her expressions and the way she attracts people with her charm. It's my wish to have a concert with her."

It's obvious why Beyonce is Dambi's idol because the girls got a badonkadonk the size of a whale and she shakes it oh so well. Not only that but shes full of talent. But Son Dambi needn't worry because she already has a Bootilicious charm that keeps me going Crazy at home all by myself on the computer on a Saturday Night. I'm not alone am I?

Here's a clip of Son Dambi singing a part of "I Always...You" live on "Happy Together".

Video Credits: Sondambifan

credit: allkpop

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