SS501 Jung Min’s “If You Cannot” Solo Teaser!

For the people who were keeping track, the last teaser of SS501's Solo Collection has finally been released. After the release of Kyu Jong, Hyun Joong, Hyung Joon, and Young Saeng's teasers, it's Jung Min's turn.

The teaser for his solo "하면은 안돼... (If You Cannot...)" is finally out. The song is very smooth and nice, something I could definitely hear Shin Hye Sung singing. I suppose that's a good thing. The teasers look great, and it's got fans all worked up and excited for the full release of this 20 minute drama-like MV. I'm especially looking forward to see how they will put them together.

Without further adieu, here is Jung Min's teaser for "If You Cannot...". I've always thought Jung Min was a cutie, but just something about his nose screams plastic surgery..

credit: allkpop

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