SuJu Super Show II: Return of the Kibum

With only peaks and glimpses of AWOL Super Junior member Kim Kibum, many were wondering if his presence on the posters promoting Super Junior's 2nd Asian Tour Super Show II meant that the prodigal member was finally going to rejoin his group.

Well rejoice ELFs, for an SM representative has disclosed that Kim Kibum is going to rejoin the group for the tour, despite missing all of the "Sorry Sorry" and "It's You" promotions up to this point. Fans are excited to see the member finally perform the new songs and choreographies on stage, as opposed to the bit parts we see of him in the MVs. Better late than never, I guess, though many SuJu followers feel this dichotomy of joy (that the guy is finally returning) and annoyance (that he was gone so long in the first place).

Let's just hope that he returns back to his glory days when he was effortlessly setting hearts aflutter, including those of Lee Soo Young:

instead of turning up alone at movie premieres looking like this:

SuJu Super Show II: Return of the Kibum

credit: allkpop

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