Super Junior Heechul’s Nude Photos Leaked?!?

As if Super Junior's Heechul couldn't get any weirder, here he comes out revealing that his cellphone is chock-full of nude photos of himself! On "Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun's Champagne" Heechul stated that it was none other than fellow member, HanKyung, that was responsible for taking those risque pictures. He had lost his cellphone once before and felt like fainting. Heck, I would too, if my phone had that kind of goldmine in its memory. I bet after reading this, fanboys and fangirls will be on a rampage to find his phone.

Also on this particular episode, Heechul went on to spill his dirty laundry for all the world to hear, well actually re-spilled it, since he's brought this up multiple times already. But for those of you that missed it, while still a trainee along with TVXQ member, Yunho, Heechul often sported the long hairstyle and fruity, flowery shirts while eating out with Yunho. One day, Yunho's girlfriend saw Heechul sitting beside him and mistook him for a girl (much like everyone else) and thus caused Yunho to break up with her. Heechul, despite causing heartbreak, you provide the Kpop fandom with much laughter. Keep up the good work. This program will air on June 20 at 11:20PM on KBS2TV.

Much love to evanesco at sj-world.net

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