Tears Fall in Family Outing

Earlier, we told you guys about Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee leaving Family Outing. The preview for their last episode have finally surfaced and it's pretty emotional.

Their last two episodes with Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee will be shown on 21st and 28th June, with the whole concept of the show being a farewell vacation. The normal schedule of games and dinner preparation took place, but there was also a special event planned for the two members. Even Daesung and Kim Jong Kook had rushed themselves to the filming as soon as they arrived from Japan from their respective commitments so that they would be able to say their goodbyes to the two. Although the family members tried their best not to cry, they still showed their tears in the end.

PD Jang Hyuk Jae said, "During the 1 year of working together, they have gotten very close to one another and had lots of regrets when the filming was finished. We spent time together without any guests and with just the original members."

He added, "Although they have always worked hard, Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee worked especially hard (this time) knowing that this would be their last. Even though it was a good farewell, all the members cried in the end. During this time, the viewers have given us lots of love and even though we are coolly letting them leave, so that they will be able to evolve into better people, it was still very sad. It was a show in which people will really be able to feel just how attached we have become to one another.

Park Ye Jin, Lee Chun Hee, Daesung, Lee Hyori tearing

With their last episodes coming up, Park Hae Jin and Park Si Yeon will begin recording in mid-June and their episodes will be shown in July. Let's hope that they can fill, or at least attempt to fill, the great gap left behind by these two wonderful family members.

credit: allkpop

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