Who Wears It Better, Amy or SNSD’s Sexica?

SNSD / Girls' Generation’s Jessica and Minnovation Minwoo’s ex-girlfriend, Amy, was spotted wearing the same dress.

Jessica Jung wore her dress during her duet song with Lena Park at Hollywood Bowl, while Amy wore hers at a photo shoot. Both girls accessorized their outfits differently; Jessica with an up-do and pale pink heels while Amy with her short pama hair and black and white heels. They both wore the big cream colored bow differently as well. So, who do you think pulled the dress off better?

Personally, I think Jessica wore it best; NOT because I’m biased but because Jessica has the better body (and she’s prettier).

And here are the original pics for you to decide. There were about, let's see, 1000 pictures of Jessica in the dress but because I could only find one of Amy, I'll be nice and fair and just show one picture each.



credit: allkpop

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