Wonder Girls have plans for China too!

The Wonder Girls were in Beijing, China today for a studio interview with Sina.com. There were the usual interview questions with the Wonder Girls which I am not going to write on much since we have ALL heard it before. What's important though was the interview with JY Park who revealed his masterplan outline about the Wonder Girls taking on America and China in the latter half of 2009.

JY Park confirmed that the Wonder Girls were indeed appearing on 13 shows for the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 and said it would be a meaningful opportunity. He said that it was not simply taking 1 step but essentially going 3 - 4 steps away from others who were debuting at the same time. JY Park also said, "There's Toyota, Hyundai in America while Jackie Chan has also made a name for himself in Hollywood. But why isn't there an Asian artiste who can hold his own in the music industry? This is an excellent opportunity for us and although it's going to be a difficult one, I have to say that there is no better time for us to enter the industry then now."

Group photo with fans

JY Park also lavished praise on his charges, "When one goes to America, everyone has to start from scratch again. The Wonder Girls might be really popular in Korea because of Nobody, but it's nothing in America because no one knows about them. But I am very touched to see them being able to start from scratch again, with the same determination as they did before their debut in Korea and the strong will to want to excel again."

Being interviewed

'In Korea, there will be people helping them to clean their rooms, handle their daily lifestyles for them because of their star status. But after going to America, I told them that they were not stars anymore, they have to start from scratch again, being just like how they were before their debut. They have to get their own necessities, clean their own rooms, etc. It's pretty difficult to adjust from being a star to a nobody in such a short time, but they were able to accept it and just do it effortlessly, so I am very impressed.

Sun Ye and Ye Eun

JYP also talked about plans for the Wonder Girls in China, "Actually, our plans for the Wonder Girls have a concert in China has been pretty much finalized for this winter. We hope that a lot of people will come to support them. Besides releasing an English album this autumn in America, we are also going to release a Chinese album at the same time as well. All of them have a Chinese name and have been learning the language constantly, hoping to meet their Chinese fans with their album as soon as possible."

This pretty much confirms that we won't see them in Korea much for 2009.

JY Park

Sun Ye

Ye Eun

Yoo Bin

Sun Mi

So Hee

credit: allkpop

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