01 Apr [PHOTOS] Singers turned photographers/(sexy)models

this is around the time when they were recording jap. version of marry u.
LOL @ Eunhyukkie’s pose!

Lee Junki MV Tease for Episode 2

Photos of Lee Junki's new MV specially made to be shown during his 2nd fan meeting for his fans were released to much fanfare today, with his new image becoming a hot topic among his fans. The photos were released by his management, Mentor Entertainment with a representative expressing, "When we filmed the MV, we had setup 5 video cameras around the stage. We also used a stage that could switch to different scene settings automatically and the effects can definitely rival a big budget movie production."

The MV director said, "Lee Junki left a really deep impression on me when he was doing the dance steps during the filming. I think this MV will be a nice surprise for his fans."

Lee Junki MV Tease for Episode 2 Fan Meeting

Lee Junki MV Tease for Episode 2 Fan Meeting

Lee Junki MV Tease for Episode 2 Fan Meeting

Lee Junki's second fan meeting codenamed Episode 2 will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park on 18th April. All 8,000 tickets for this exclusive event were snapped up within 2 minutes of the two sale windows opening, with local and overseas fans "fighting" for a chance to see their idol in person. Because of the response and requests from fans, the organizers are considering adding more seats and opening another sale window.

[NEWS] World Asia 30 Hottest Artists 09

(More than 50 million votes)

2. Super Junior
(More than 25 million votes)

3. Rain
(More than 2 million votes)

4. Wonder Girls
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)

5. BigBang
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)

[INFO] The hidden charm that Super Junior's four-man vocal-line is?

vigoriously doing activities, super junior has thrown away their former image to become mature & trained, & come back with their 3jib. out of the 13 members, the lesser known four of the vocal-line, ryeowook, kyuhyun, sungmin & yesung's major image change has attracted the attention of everyone.
▶ kyuhyun - middle low voice, gentle & precious boy
joining super junior after they debuted, in this album member kyuhyun has used his charming middle low voice to reveal a very stable voice.
standing at more than 180cm, but with a small face, this makes him especially suit this stable image. director go hanung said, "being tall, having eyes, ears, mouth & nose that's comfortable for people to look at, & clear expression is something that girls like. suave & strong jawlines have a male charm, & also, the round, aegyo eyes also give people a cute feeling. when smiling, the lifted corners of the mouth has the charm of making people feel happy from within the heart".

▶ ryeowook - hiding in the sharp charm strength
having a handsome appearance & clear, bright voice, main vocal ryeowook possesses songwriting abilities. in this album, his both charisma & male beauty is showcased.
ryeowook's distinctive property is his overall streak. with obvious double eyelids, slender nose bridge, small lips etc forming the face of a pretty eastern. especially with those smooth cheeks & clear eyes, he has garnered motherly love.
the director of best plastic surgery clinic in apgujung, go hanung, said "obvious eyelids that change with expression can give people a cute & intimate feeling, & can sometimes give people a resolute & honest feeling. with ryeowook's face, his bony cheeks & nose bridge, & his eyes are a bit feminine, but he still gives people the sharp feeling."

▶ sungmin - praiseworthy face, born an aegyo monster, charisma expression explosion
super junior's aegyo monster originated from SM's youth best selection best outward appearance in 2001, sungmin's cute image has garnered a huge number of fans. this album required charisma to interpret the song's meaning, thus it allowed us to see his manly side, which was refreshing.
having a chubby face with pale skin, luscious lips, & round eyes, sungmin has the natural doll face. director go had this to say about sungmin's outward appearance. "longish jaw & forehead, nose, chin, this kinda face line is very pleasing to the eye, it's a very well-proportioned face. strong expression, distinct philtrum & lips form a masculine handsomeness.

▶ yesung - husky, low voice, gentle, boyish beauty
having a husky, low voice & hidden double eyelids, slender eyes etc possessing all charm, in this album yesung's masculine charm has thoroughly been expressed. especially that expression that's full of confidence shows extraordinary charisma.
director go said, "slender eyes is a charming point, though sometimes it might give people the feeling of being a little swollen. in reality, the obvious jawline gives the entire face a very sincere feeling. he has a charm that is both gentle & strong.

[INFO] Super Junior beat Davichi to become Mnet chart's No.1

Super Junior got the No.1 just after 2 weeks comeback.

Super Junior's "Sorry sorry" has ranked No.1 on the weekly chart (4th week : from March 23rd to March 29th) of the music portal site Mnet.

Davichi's "8282" has been on the No.1 of Mnet weekly chart for 3 weeks in a row and now Super Junior's "Sorry sorry" has beat it to become No.1

Wonder Girls Want Nobody But America!

Think Beatles-mania, think Victoria Beckham... Think the Wonder Girls, here in America! That's right, the girls are moving over to the USA to officially kick off their US Debut!

Make sure to get your asses over to JFK International Airport in New York tomorrow... so that you can brag about being at this historical event!

And no, this isn't some cruel April Fools joke from allkpop. We actually received confirmation from JYP Entertainment today, that the Wonder Girls will be landing in New York City, tomorrow evening at 8:30PM EST (Korean Air 085 - Terminal 1 to be exact). What more is there to say? Go meet them there and show your support!

Make way for the Wonder Girls and their English version of 'Nobody' in May!

Wonder Girls US Debut

Wonder Girls US Debut

K.Will’s “Teardrops” MV feat Yuri Released!

K. Will's anticipated music video for his new song, "Teardrops," has been released! The music video has gained much popularity and attention, because it features Yuri of Girls' Generation / SNSD.

Basically, the whole music video is just Yuri laughing, walking around, crying, and throwing things. It's nothing special - the whole time, I was expecting something interesting to happen, but it doesn't get much more than that. Sure it's a great music video, but only because Yuri's in it. Take out Yuri and now what do we have?

Cinderella Man Promotional Posters Unleashed

Having released promotional pictures last week, MBC is continuning its publicity buzz for Cinderella Man with the release of 5 different drama posters.

Many have commented that the posters looked like pictures from a fashion photoshoot instead of a drama. Because of the fact that Kwon Sang Woo plays 2 characters, Oh Dae San and Lee Joon Hee in the drama, he has to change into twice the number of outfits than what the others wore. He has to first film his part for Lee Joon Hee and then change his hairstyle and outfit for Oh Dae San. But thankfully, the speed by which Kwon Sang Woo changed into his different outfits were so quick that it didn't really affect the flow.

The fashion-inspired drama has been billed the modern tale of the Prince and the Pauper because of the disparity in wealth and status between the two characters played by Kwon Sang Woo. It's also being highly anticipated by fans of idol singer YoonA who is appearing in her 2nd drama. Filming is currently underway and will premiere on 15th April.

Cinderella Man Promotional Posters UnleashedCinderella Man Promotional Posters UnleashedCinderella Man Promotional Posters UnleashedCinderella Man Promotional Posters UnleashedCinderella Man Promotional Posters Unleashed

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” rock cover by Royal Pirates

Super Junior’s single “Sorry, Sorry” has already been covered by many people on YouTube
but the cover by Royal Pirates’ is the best by far.

Royal Pirates is an independent rock band out of Southern California and its members are Moonchul (vocals/guitar) and Sooyoon (drums). They have a great sound despite the fact that they’re only a 2-piece band. This isn’t their first Kpop cover but it’s arguably their best one so far.

In my opinion, I think Super Junior’s original version of “Sorry, Sorry” pales in comparison to Royal Pirates’ rock version. I myself play the guitar and I’ve been in a few garage bands that never officially made it out of the garage. As a result, I’m partial towards independent rock bands and the beautifully coarse sound of a heavily distorted electric guitar. I’m sure most of you hardcore Kpop fans won’t agree with me that Royal Pirates’ version of “Sorry, Sorry” is better than Super Junior’s version, but you have to admit that Royal Pirates did a pretty damn good job covering the song.

Like I said before, this isn’t their first Kpop cover. They’ve also done a rock version of DBSK’s “Mirotic” as well as a rock version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody.”

Royal Pirates has also done covers of songs from Britney Spears and MUSE plus they have one original song on their YouTube page. If you’re interested, you can find even more info about them on their myspace page.

[PHOTOS] SJ in Bangkok Yamaha International Motor Show 2009

and because we have wait for a long time...

LOOK!!!! Who is this ?!?!??!?! A person that we missed so much!!!


[PHOTOS] Kibum with the SJ Boys in Thailand 090331

Oohhh!!! Finally...we can see KIBUM with other boys...Whoooohhoooo....*dance around*

[PHOTOS] SUJU@ Incheon Intl Airport, Going to Thailand 090331

-Yamaha Fino event-

Donghae, why are you so cute t-t
Just speechless at Heenim, as usual, lol.
& omg, we need pictures of Kibum...

Tiffany and K. Will’s Duet Released!

Earlier, we brought you guys news of their duet together and included a teaser. Well, the whole song is out and it certainly doesn't disappoint. I already knew K. Will had an amazing voice, but I was pleasantly surprised by Tiffany's vocals as well. Way to shove all my insults of "just being there as eye candy" down my throat. raspberry


[INFO] TVXQ is #1 Most-Viewed Avex Website

[INFO] TVXQ is #1 Most-Viewed Avex Website
{ ling }

According to Avex’s official ranking website, Tohoshinki’s official website is currently the most-viewed avex website, beating out big names like Ayumi Hamasaki and EXILE. Tohoshinki sat comfortably at #2 for a while, but they’ve now taken the top spot.

1. Tohoshinki
3. Ayumi Hamasaki
4. Namie Amuro
5. Red Cliff
6. AAA
7. Koda Kumi
8. BoA
9. Ai Otsuka
10. misono

[PICS] Kyu's CY Background

KYU's minihompy background!!!!

Super Junior's Flight to Thailand 090331

From Korea to Bangkok

TG659 13:55pm

Leeteuk 12A
HeeChul 12B
kyuhyun 12J
KiBum 12K
yesung 14A
KangIn 14B
Ryeowook 14J
shindong 15A
sungmin 15B
donghae 16A
hangeng 16B
siwon 22A
Eunhyuk 22B

From Bangkok to Korea

TG658 23:50OPM


Kibum will attend Yamaha International Motor in THAI!!!

ada kibum..
yeeeee...teuki oppa takkan menangis lagiii...

[INFO] Hanteo's yearly chart March 29, 08 - March 29, 09

Woott!!! DBSK's Mirotic #1 and amazingly, SJ's Sorry,Sorry reach #14 in less than a month....

These inmates want Nobody But You!

Wonder Girls Inmates

I know what you're thinking, "how can you get your hands on one of these beautiful inmates." Well, I'll tell you how, go to the Philippines and murder the Prison Ward who allowed this to happen. I know the Wonder Girls are hot and all, but inmates in wigs performing for other inmates, what the fuck....

The truth is, these inmates want Nobody But You, or rather your asshole, so don't resort to a life of crime little boys and girls.

Thanks to stuff for the tip... how ironic, I can already imagine a lot of "stuffing" happening after this performance... oh the horror.

Views Wonder Girls “The 1st Wonder” was a Success

Many of you were curious as to how the 'Wonder Girls' concert "The 1st Wonder" went on the 28th. Based on the fancams, you could tell they had a pretty successful night. It's amazing to think how far these girls have gone. From being nobodies to one of the most, if not the most, popular girl group out there. Along with performing just about every song they've ever released, the girls each had a solo performance - Yoobin danced to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back," Sunmi danced to Uhm Jung Hwa's "Invitation," and Sohee danced to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." As for the ones who can actually sing, Ye Eun sang "Killing Me Softly," and Sunye sang her solo "Moon and Sun."

09.03.30 Kyuhyun CY Sidebar Update

in relation to THIS...

09.03.31 Shindong CY Photo Entry

a drawing of shindong by shinyoung nuna... (in be nothing to... folder)
2009.03.31 03:24

seriously what's this??

[PICS] YAMAHA-International Motor Show 2009