Kim Hyung Joong was Hacked

Well we all know Korean netizens have no life and here is yet another case. Kim Hyun Joong revealed, "Not that long ago, on SS501's official homepage on the Tok Discussion Board, I heard that I left comments. It wasn't me. It seems like somebody hacked into my ID."

On SS501's discussion board on the 19th~20th someone decided to be funny and left comments using the ID "Hyun Joong." On the 19th, they wrote "Someone who knows how to make hot cakes." and on the 20th "Nice to meet you. You guys who are here doing this are funny and childish."

Kim Hyun Joong's fans thought that it was really him and screencapped the comments and posted it on fan cafes & drama discussion boards. Kim Hyun Joong mentioned "At that time I was filming so I was unable to go to the homepage. Additionally, I don't leave comments on the Tok Discussion Board."

Kim Hyung Joong was Hacked

I don't understand what kind of fans give the singer bad publicity. I mean he is spending a hundred million won of his money to give them fan meeting. Not to mention he is a busy busy person, considering he has a love triangle to fulfill, songs to record, friends to make, chicken cfs to shoot, bags to design, runways to walk down, and the list can probably go on and on and on.

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  1. i love you kim hyun joong..when you come to indonesia?